Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Success or Revelation

Appunti di Michele Trenti

One always wonders why great music generally has such a problem in finding an audience. Even the responsibilities of music’s "mediators", the performers and producers, are not insignificant. In an effort to succeed, they have made as their primary objective giving the public what it expects, rather than taking on the mission, and the responsibility, of independently offering something that reveals the wonders of music to be discovered, and rediscovered, in the infinite wealth of content and vastness of approaches to the ancient and contemporary repertoire. Music can be revealing. If one thinks that the public’s choices should be guided—in the hope of finding something that is then generally not found—we start on a slippery slope, putting music in a (losing) competition with entertainment activities in a field of superficial mass appeal. Instead, it is music’s ability to enlighten, to offer self-revealing glimpses of ourselves that must guide the proposals: a program designed in this way is the only successful tool with which the musical culture can conquer the public, in a mechanism that, once triggered, becomes self-perpetuating providing answers to those profound needs that find increasingly less satisfaction today.