Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays


Appunti di Michele Trenti

As a result of the mechanisms that regulate businesses today, and in line with the mentality imposed consequently, the immediate need for data on investments made in any field has now become imperative. Very few can afford an initiative for which the results may not be evident within a few years since the changes are taking place so rapidly as to render longer-term projects impractical. The parameters for evaluating operational times have changed radically. As regards funding, the cultural sector, naturally resistant to this approach, has also been gradually affected by this phenomenon. The current sponsorship system plays on its advertising and promotion strengths by forcing cases to conform to proven criteria vis-à-vis the users targeted and based on the users’ psychological needs. In this way, although a return is guaranteed, the operation is only marginally favorable to cultural development. Moreover, this system is ever more frequently applied to the issue of public funding—whose specific goal is to ensure support for the arts—where quality criteria have been replaced by those of fashion.