Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Pauses for Reflection

Appunti di Michele Trenti

When we explore the biographical events of artists who have left significant marks on the evolution of thought, we very often come across relatively long periods (months or even years) away from a work environment and "militant" activity. In most cases, they have not been spontaneous choices but rather situations that appeared. However, it is interesting to consider the positive effect brought about by such pauses for reflection, which allow time and energy to be dedicated to the understanding of one’s own artistic inclinations without having to deal with the limits imposed by the world of work. Moreover, for the artist, this ability to commit freely to an exploration of one’s instinctive feelings is an uncontrollably powerful need that takes place intermittently. While it is difficult to choose to deliberately give up well-established activities, successes, and official recognitions, the path of inquiry into areas whose exploration guarantees nothing except knowledge of oneself is a journey of artistic and human growth that, in the view of a cultured person, compensates for the material equivalents may possibly be lost.