Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Performers and the audience

Appunti di Michele Trenti

By musical interpreter, we mean that individual who, endowed with special psychophysical talents and an adequate preparation, publicly offers interpretations of works by composers that he considers important through a search that profoundly involves a spiritual world of reference. From the viewpoint of the interpreter’s relationship with an audience, two things should not be forgotten. First, the artist, a person with an innate and highly developed sensibility, is apt to perceive the audience’s disposition towards him of the music he is performing, and the very way in which it is listened to. When his skill in establishing the mood that allows him to transmit the essence of the musical experience is received positively, he emerges strengthened. If not, the tension that arises absorbs much of the concentration. Secondly, let us consider that the artist, in that moment, has unreservedly exposed his innermost feelings to the public, renouncing any Pirandellian "mask" that is in some way an instinctive protection from the outside. Exposing oneself in public requires a struggle, an unnatural violence towards oneself. The gift the performer makes of his self must also be seen in this sense.