Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Performers and Musical Skills

Appunti di Michele Trenti

Those who listen to music are generally only minimally aware of how the ability to assimilate music, within the mechanical and interpretative aspects of a performance, is necessary for a high-level performer. Although the result of constant, never-ending study, a great interpretation cannot be achieved by endless repetition, by confidently acquiring each and every virtuosic aspect and interpretative intention. Inevitably, this leads to a mechanical performance— the steps taken through study are often perceived in a performance yet its meaning is divorced from the composition’s context! Therefore, a great interpreter must combine an exceptionally well-developed faculty for remembering each and every motor aspect and interpretative detail–a huge amount of information–yet must do so in such a way as to not overwhelm the performance—effortlessly in order that the performance is not a mechanical repetition. In other words, there always remains the freshness of the approach needed to convey the emotions originally expressed by the piece being interpreted.