Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays


Appunti di Michele Trenti

The spiritual expectations with which one regards a natural wonder is the same one we experience when standing before a work of art. The ability to find such a frame of mind is a fundamental prerequisite for appreciating both natural and man-made beauties. It is essentially a passive attitude, and requires divesting oneself of preconceived notions, the baggage of earlier experiences, even of technical curiosities, to reach a level of concentration for/of the pure object of our contemplation, and to directly understand, at a deeper level, the essence of its mere characteristics. It is almost always followed by a second psychological phase that instead is basically active, through which we get in touch with the object of feeling (if it has the ability to offer such stimulus). In other words, we move with it and "are moved" by it. Unfortunately, today’s hectic life places increasing barriers to this contemplative outlook, discouraging us from the profound aesthetic experiences that only secondarily depend on technical or cultural knowledge. Thus, there is even more reason, for the artist who creates, that the capacity for this psychological frame of mind be an essential element of the phase preceding the act of creation itself, which is pure activity.