Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Art as the Synthesis of Beautiful

Appunti di Michele Trenti

Man acts under the influence of drives basically attributable to a dual nature: those related to the self-preservation instinct and those coming from a rational inclination towards a universalization of concepts. The former causes behaviors that are subjective in nature, the latter that are objective in nature. The two tendencies often lead to producing clashes in an individual’s consciousness, which finds the right balance when his action corresponds to both criteria simultaneously. In art, the two "worlds" find a balance in the very essence of aesthetic experience, which becomes a symbol of the unity of the subjective and the objective. The "objective" is represented largely in the perception of formal structures, pictured in their meaning through a continuous exchange of references between different structural levels (from local to general structures and vice versa), while the "subjective" part is reflected in conformity to what is expressed in the work by the basic subjective drives (search for food or a partner, a need for love, a need to understand the unknown, a tendency towards light, etc..).