Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Multimedia, Polydisciplinary Aspects, Contamination

Appunti di Michele Trenti

This is a period of the mixing of media and styles, in all industries and type of activities, the benefits and, even more, potential of these mixings are indisputable. The practice is not a recent invention: Greek tragedy came into existence that way. Basically multimedia can be talked about—in a general sense—according to two, sometimes coexistent criteria: as an interactive process of languages is used to search for the meanings resulting from their mutual encounter and its added results which are not present in the languages considered separately; or as a production method that makes use of a complexity of media to prompt composite sensations, which would be increased in intensity "through accumulation" (according to the idea that a shouted statement may be truer than the same whispered one). Overuse of this second type of multimedia has had the side effect of corrupting the ability to perceive the simple, losing sight of the real value of the media in the field. This can be observed in the fields of culture, art, costume, or cooking. Similarly, consider the phenomenon of corruption that, in most cases, serves as an alibi for a shortage of content and to an inability to processing languages rather than by development element of the medium.