Sketches from Michele Trenti's essays

Paradise Lost

Appunti di Michele Trenti

Aesthetic activity could be considered man's attempt to find a substitute for the original contact lost with nature, that "paradise lost" which, more than a specific historical situation that occurred in a given place and at a specific time, is probably the symbolization of the evolutionary phase of a species and an individual.. In this context, art would appear as a positive consequence, and perhaps as the result of a deficiency, a negative factor—in particular the loss of a spontaneous relationship with the natural life. Therefore, it is further assumed that those who did not lose their perfect harmony with the created—and ultimately with one’s own nature—or those who managed to win it back, assuming that this was actually possible, would not feel the need for an aesthetic activity, intended as a sublimation of a longing for what has been lost. Using a symbolic language, it can be said that, before the original sin, life and art were one, or even that art itself did not exist because it was not necessary.